Consider these Pallet Shelf Ideas for Your DIY Project

Pallet wood is a versatile material that will suit different types of furniture. On top of that, it is strong and durable. It has a natural appeal and can carry heavy weights at the same time. You can use it when building a DIY shelf since this building material can easily hold up all kinds of things from books to plants to kitchen supplies.

Check out these shelf ideas. We hope that they will inspire you as you build your pallet shelf!

1. Corner Shelf

When you are working with a small area, it is important to add space-saving elements. Use two pallet sections to create a tall shelf that will fit into the corner of your bathroom. The back sections are ideal since they already have shelf-like features.

This piece of furniture can be used to hold scented candles, plants, soaps, and more! It does not need to be installed and can stand on its own. It can take you less than an hour to build this.

2. Headboard Shelf

We all love a gorgeous piece of wooden furniture, but they are even better when they are functional. You can spice up your bedroom with the addition of a pallet headboard that doubles as a shelf. For best usability, make one that will take up the whole width of the bed.

This is a great idea since we can all use a space for an alarm clock, lamp, books, photos, and more by our bed. Simply assemble a couple of pallet wood pieces together. You can also use the sides for storage! 

3. Shelf and Towel Rack

You can use the end section of a pallet frame to create a shelf and then attach a metal rod to the bottom. The top can be used to hold toiletries and even a flower vase or plant pot. 

The division of the wood pallet should be big enough to accommodate a towel or two, depending on your needs. We love this project because it only needs to be attached to the bathroom wall.

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