A Quick Guide on Drills

Almost all woodworking jobs will need the creation of some sort of hole. Even though there are a variety of tools available to help you in making a hole, the most common answer to this problem is to use a drill.

A drill is often the easiest and quickest way to make a hole for whatever reason. You can use a traditional mechanical hand drill or something that requires power. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into the tool.

Types of Traditional Hand Drills

Both of the hand drills below will do the trick, but your project might benefit more from a specific type.

1. Eggbeater

This gives the user the mechanical advantage at higher speeds and at a certain angle. It was originally designed to drill holes into metal, which explains the need for faster rotation speeds.

2. Hand crank

This is a mechanical tool that grants the user more control over slow speeds. It consists of a handle to turn the pinion gears on the shaft and a chuck to hold the drill bit.

Our Favorite Drill on the Market

In our experience, the best and most efficient drill that we have tried is none other than the DeWalt Drill.  They have proven to be tough, capable, and reliable through the years.  You can now choose between a corded or cordless version, depending on your needs and circumstances. A cordless version is ideal if you plan to use the drill in areas without a power outlet available.

Essential Accessories for Drills

When you are working with a drill, you should probably get the following accessories as well:

Drill Bit Set

A set makes for a perfect starting point when it comes to drilling sizes. Feel free to expand the original set as required by the project.

Chuck Key Holder

This will not be all that helpful if you are using chuckless drills. However, you will be happy that you have this inside the house when you need to use drills that require a chuck.

Screwdriving Set

A good screwdriver set will cover many non-specialized screw heads. As always, you can also expand the contents depending on the requirements of your project.

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