Safety Gear for Woodworking

We cannot stress the importance of safety gear for woodworking. They will keep you safe as you work on your projects. They do not have to be flashy as long as they protect you. Keep reading if you want to know what safety equipment you need to own as a woodworker.


When choosing a pair of safety glasses, you should consider what debris will be generated by the project. After all, choking sawdust and ricocheting nails are very different. Ask yourself whether you will need direct or indirect impact protection.

Some glasses also filter the air before it reaches your eyes to keep out dust. If you want something that does not fog up, make sure to look for that feature as there is reduced airflow in most heavy-duty glasses.


A face shield might not exactly be necessary, but it is always nice to have one on hand. Safety glasses typically suffice, although sanding and grinding can result in a lot of debris and dust that they can’t address. Face shields are also important when you work with tools that use plenty of energy.


A pair of high-quality gloves should provide you with enough protection and dexterity. However, there is usually a trade-off here since the higher the protection, the lower the dexterity, and vice-versa. It is possible to always wear welding gloves, but it will be difficult to handle finishing nails. 


If you use a lot of power tools, you will need earplugs, earmuffs, or disposable plugs. It is a good idea to hang them up near your workstation so that they are always easy to reach. Avoid wasting time by trying on a product at the local store and test if it works well on your ear before purchasing it.


Are you expecting a lot of dirt and dust from a project? When this happens, a welding jacket will come in handy. Many woodworkers also like to use leatherworking aprons. While it is not quite a necessity, it can be helpful when you work on certain projects in the future. Remember, it is always better to be prepared when working on any woodworking project!

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